Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Visit from the Flamingos....

All the way from Dallas, Texas.....Todd's Flamingos! I have missed them. Apparently they were not keen on dressing up for Halloween. I wonder why? Anyhow...enjoy! And many thanks to Todd for always sharing his photos.

Be safe as you all travel today. I am hoping to be able to post from my "remote location" but have not asked about the wireless capabilities, yet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This weekend the priest challenged the congregation to each reflect on something that happened this past year that we were not at all thankful for. He asked us to go home and silently reflect on how we might, instead, become thankful for God's grace in handing us something that might have otherwise seemed terrible. I, immediately, knew what this meant to me. I sat in the pew, looked up and smiled. There is NO DOUBT that my challenges this year have led me to a far, far, far greater place than I could have EVER imagined and saved me (and others) ultimate heartache in the future. In that sense....the purpose of this blog has been fulfilled. I have come full circle....and I am ever so grateful and thankful.
Today was my November weigh in! I have been struggling with these three to four pounds that are (relatively) new. I was CERTAIN I was going to owe Weight Watchers 13 dollars for the month of November. Nevertheless, I faced my fears, walked in, shed my boots and jumped on the scale. As I anticipated...I was over. I was over by .6! .6! Seriously? 13 dollars for 6 ounces? The receptionist suggested I run to the restroom and "relieve my bladder." I took her advice...and ultimately saved 13 dollars! My advice for today....eliminate before your weigh in! You never know how much it will make a difference. On the flip-side...I've got some work to the WORST time possible!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dining Well

I had the pleasure of meeting my mom, dad, Grandma Olga and Tia Velma for dinner last night. We ate at The Grill at Leon Springs. always! Here are a few photos from our dinner.
One can not think well, sleep well, love well if one has not dined well! -Virginia Woolf

Happy Saturday, friends. It is a gorgeous day. I am getting ready to run a number of errands and then wind my way down to La Tuna Bar to celebrate my friends Sara and Rico's engagement. Enjoy.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy School Psychologist's Week

Again...apologizing for the absence! Life's duties have gotten the better of me yet again and I find that I am often scrambling to get things done in the evening. Unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat to various other commitments. Don't get me wrong...I am so happy to be officially "over-committed" and find an enormous amount of joy in my "extra-curriculars," however I am sad I have not more time to devote to the blog.
Miss Vela made "the marquee!" Yes, indeed, I am the Miss Vela referenced. (Notice I have top billing? The science fair has nothin' on me!)
This week is National School Psychologist's Week. Who knew? entire department AND school apparently know. I was driving off campus today and happened to look in the direction of the marquee and I was so happy (and humbled) by this kind show of appreciation. I have been at Sul Ross Middle School for 10 years! All along I have felt this campus is more of a "family" than a "place to work." Today I celebrate my job (as much as it makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes) and the unbelievable people I have the pleasure of seeing everyday! Thank you all....
Gosh...I feel like I am NO authority on this topic this week! I have had the major munchies this week. any human being I have indulged (some of) these cravings and temptations. However, I have also been introduced to a new product this week. Who loves Pop-Tarts (or poop tarts as I like to call them) but feels terribly guilty putting all those empty calories into their bodies? Fiber One is producing a VERY similar product! I have purchased the Strawberry and Brown Sugar flavors; but have only tasted the Strawberry as of today. They are a very good approximation of the real thing. They are a tad too sugary but a hot cup of coffee cuts right though that! One serving is three points. (However two servings come in the foil be careful.) And, they are oddly filling. They are also filled with fiber...which we know is an EXCELLENT thing! Enjoy....

Happy Wednesday.