Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Second Story Window

With help, I took three deep breaths and I learned that my organic, free, joyous life is just outside the window from my own heavy stone imprisonment and I am not sorry for what I want.  I am not sorry at all. 
"Oh yes...that is what I do when I really like something; I cut it out of my life completely."-Michele

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's All in the Eyes Today

God don't make no junk, right?  That sweet sentiment notwithstanding....sometimes I feel my appearance could use an, ahem....enhancement sometimes, maybe...all the time, probably.  I digress.  

While I am no "junky monkey" as God would suggest...I was born with rather short, sparse little eyelashes.  I have used lash enhancement before and it has had moderate effects.  LiLash...on the other hand...has literally worked a follicle miracle!  

Had I known the lash length I would experience I would most definitely have had the foresight to do some "before" and "afters."  

I have used LiLash since Christmas and I am beyond pleased with the results.  I have experienced no bizarre side effects...just long lashes that make me want to bat them ever so coquettishly as often as I possibly can.

Rory:  It comes in waves, you know.  Big ones, really close together.
Lorelai:  Well the waves will get smaller, I promise, you just have to give it time.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Merle=Time for Bed

I am too tired to pretend.  I am too tired to be smiley.  Merle is on.  40 greatest Merle hits....this one hits me particularly this evening.  I am looking for one song in particular and I can't find it.  I'll find it one day and listen to it 25 times before bed....

Admitting you're to blame won't heal my wounded pride.  It's too late to be ashamed, I've already stepped aside.  Just let me live again and please don't come around.  If you never loved me then.  You'll never love me now.  

You fooled me all the way.  Each time you held me tight.  But when darkness turned to day, then I finally saw the light.  When I really needed you, that's when you let me down.  If you never love me then, you'll never love me now.  

Just let me live again and please don't come around.  If you never loved me then, you'll never love me now.  

-Merle Haggard

Amazing stuff....amazing.  Remember friends, when Merle comes's time for bed.

By the way...last night Loretta told us she and Merle and working on a collaboration.  Classic history at it's finest.  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lessons Hard Learned

Luke: You know, I am sorry, too.  Now that I've had April...I've learned a lot.  I was crazy to think I had to fix everything in my relationship with April before I could really be with you.  That's just not how you fix things.  Things just don't stand still; they are always changing.

Lorelai: Yeah

Luke: I guess I was compartamentalizing, if that is what you call it.  I should have opened my compartments.  I should have gotten your help.

Lorelai: I wanted to help.

Luke: I know, and I am sorry. And I am sorry, also, because I think I kind of used April to push you away.

Lorelai: You did, huh?

Luke: Yeah, I think so.  I was afraid.  And I am so sorry.

Lorelai: It's really okay.

Luke: I'm glad.

Lorelai: Me, too.