Friday, December 3, 2010


I traded your sweetness for my loneliness,
And your confidence for my own regret,
And your simple grace for this disarray,
That's my stock and trade,
While you promenade....
-The Gourds

It's getting to be that time, blog friends.  It is the time of year when I stop blogging and dedicate all computer time to SILENT AUCTION 2011!  Gone are the days of creative blogging, present are the days of data-bases and emails and the need to be HIGHLY organized in a timely, efficient manner.  I call upon you, blog readers, to share with me your ideas for awesome Silent Auction items!  Do you have something you can suggest, a friend or loved one who might be willing to donate a good, quality item?  Contact me via email or Facebook.  I am currently looking for an individual who might consider donating a Kindle, Nook, etc, an iPhone, a guided deer hunting trip, a high end ladies hand bag, etc.  

Signing off for now as I am headed to spend good quality time with my family in McAllen.  May you all enjoy a wonderful weekend.

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