Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Legitimacy in Encountering Others, Ourselves and Christ

What we have most in common is not religion but humanity.  I learned this from my religion, which also teaches me that encountering another human being is as close to God as I may ever get-in the eye-to-eye thing, the person-to-person thing-which is where God's Beloved has promised to show up.  Paradoxically, the point is not to see Him.  The point is to see the person standing right in front of me, who has no substitute, who can never be replaced, whose heart holds things for which there is no language, whose life is an unsolved mystery.  The moment I turn that person into a character in my own story, the encounter is over.  I have stopped being a human being and become a fiction writer instead.
-Barbara Brown Taylor from An Altar in the World

So this raises an interesting question.  When I "hypothetically" presented a very real scenario in my previous "What She Really Means" post....did I turn that person into a character in my own story?  And if I did....create fiction....was that fair to do via the world wide web?  

This is why...I have largely left my love life out of this blog.  Even though some of the stories are deliciously intriguing.  These people have hearts that hold things for which there is no language....with lives yet unsolved....I want to be a person who respects and acknowledges that.

I know that person isn't reading my blog....but I feel an apology needs to be issued into the universe.  
Rory: I don’t want to say anything moronic.
Lorelai: I’m afraid when your heart is involved it all comes out in “moron.”

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