Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summertime Blues

This morning I was awakened to the following text message (thank you friend for sending it at 6:15, really, thank you):

Life becomes precious and more special to us when we look for the little everyday miracles and get excited about the privileges of simply being human.

This reminded me a lot of the purpose of this blog and inspired me to get to typin' today!
I have two more days left on my contract before I am off for summer break. I will be "on vacation" from exactly June 11-August 11. Every year I anxiously anticipate the "last day of school" and every year I also fear the excessive amounts free time.

By nature I am a "thinker," a "ruminator," a "perseverator." I can hardly blame myself...I am certain I descend from a long, long, long line of females that over-think, over-analyze and over-feel! (You all know who you are....just own it.) When left to my own devices with limitless free time things can DEFINITELY get ugly. I speak from loads and loads of summers (approximately 29...give or take a few from pre-school years).

This summer I refuse to fall victim to the "too much time on my hands summer time blues." In prevention I am creating a "Top Ten Things To Do This Summer" list. I figure if I create activities to complete, and send it out to the world wide web, not only will I hold myself accountable...but you will hold me accountable, too.

1) Knit (at least) one scarf. I have a private lesson this coming Friday and I am excited to revisit "casting on and off," "knitting" and this time I WILL "pearl" as well!

2) Clean out my closet and donate clothes I have not worn in a year. That is the standard I intend to hold myself to...ONE YEAR! (This is going to be very difficult.)

3) I will take a dip in Barton Springs (hopefully next week)!

4) I will create AT MINIMUM 10 vintage greeting cards. I have a small fortune in paper crafting goods and tools and I need to use them.

5) I will re-upholster two arm chairs that were given to me by Jace's mother. (Oh the drama of choosing THE RIGHT fabric.)

6) I will master the art of the perfect pie crust.

7) At least one hour per week will be spent in service to someone else.

8) At least four hours per week will be spent in study of the Bible.

9) I will prepare for a 5K (in October or November)...I know this isn't much...but it is a good start and I really do not care for running. What the heck....I need a good challenge.

10) I will deal with the backyard...I really will! it is "out there." I ask that each of you remind me of the "to-do" list (but be nice!) and check in on my progress from time to time. I fully intend to report on each of these, share photos, stories, etc. Some of you might even get lucky and be invited to "pie!"

Happy afternoon, dear friends. I am off to Bible Study.....

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