Monday, June 14, 2010

School's Out For Summer

It's official.....I am out for summer break! Let the Top Ten List activities begin......
Friday afternoon I worked toward one of my Top Ten Summer activities. I had my first "private knitting lesson" at Yarnivore. (Thank you for your patience, Wendy!) I remembered A LOT more than I thought I would. We reviewed "casting on," "knit," "pearl," and "binding off." I purchased some beautiful yarn for my summer scarf project. I am going to try my best to be forgiving of myself and keep on knitting despite any inevitable mistakes I might make.
Scratch the 5K! I tried to run the other day and it is just a fact: I DO NOT ENJOY RUNNING! I admire (immensely) those that do enjoy running. I simply am just not one of those people. I have tried to be "that person"....but there is no point in denying my true nature any longer. I simply am NOT a runner. Turns out that "old guy" I went on some dates with was, in fact, correct. "Of course you don't like running....look at your body! It simply wasn't made for running!" (Oh yes, he said it. It was our last date!)
This is my friend, Bubba. I had the privilege of spending Saturday morning with Bubba. He is a rock star. (I wonder if he knows?) I have NEVER seen a dog command more attention than Bubba; and he handles it with absolute "dog grace!"
On our "day of fun" we visited the Farmer's Market at The Pearl Brewery. I purchased red and yellow tomatoes (roasted this evening and threw in whole wheat pasta...YUMMY!) and strawberries (tarty tart tart). Bubba and I walked down to the San Antonio river and despite some MAJOR trepidation on his part he gingerly walked into the water and (as you can tell) made himself very comfortable!
We enjoyed lunch on the patio at The Cove. The Cove is pet friendly and they will even go so far as to bring a bowl of water to your dog! With so few pet friendly activities and establishments in San Antonio....Saturday morning was a breath of fresh air!

I am going to sign off because I am completely engrossed in "Housewives" drama. Ugh...I always intend to turn the television off and I JUST CAN'T!

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