Saturday, August 6, 2011

365 Days of Patty

Today I celebrate the privilege of being blessed with another year of life!

35 was arguably the most difficult 365 days of my life.  (Mostly because I allowed them to be.)  The good news is I am feeling refreshed and renewed for year 36.  And....I hear (from all the folks out here) that Mercury is in retrograde so this deep longing for internal "cleansing" and "reflecting" is apparently quite normal!  Who knew? 

Last night I went to a classical music concert at The Hollywood Bowl and I started considering all the absolutely amazing events that happened....despite the turbulence of year 35.  I sort of reflected chronologically and here are a few of the things I came up with....but these aren't in order....nor is this list exhaustive.....

1) I attended my first UT Football game!  Go Horns!  Thank you Ramsey Kay!
2) I was introduced to Rancho de new place of rest.  Thank you Ciara and Ryan!
3) I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico and fell in love!  Thank you Sylvia and Peter!
4) I saw Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt at The Majestic Theater!
5) I reconnected with my dear friend Brandon and am so blessed to call him my friend.
6) I spent a week at Horseshoe Bay.  Thank you Mom, Dad and The Doege's!
7) I spent a week in Destin, Florida.  Thank you Mom, Dad and The Harper Family!
8) Para-sailed!!!!!!!!
9) Jeeped!!!!!!!!! Or Wheeled!!!!!!!!! Whichever....
10) Met my camera.  Thank you Mom!
11) Spent my lunches at St. Dominic's Chapel getting "right."  
12) Saw my dad acquire his own business...finally!  He is his own boss and it is about time!
13) Ate El Pato with Ramsey, Lisa and Crissy.
14) Chaired Silent Auction and was once again awed by true and simple generosity.
15) Was invited into Angela Rabke and Sharon Turner's book club.
16) Spent a weekend at Port A with Leandra, Rebecca and Jenni.  (Watched dolphins, as well!)
17) Was asked by be Noah Mendez's Godmother.
18) Watched my Goddaughter finish high school and prepare for college.
19) Met Alison Wright.
20) Spent New Year's Eve with Valerie and Nick.
21) Watched Marisa on TV during the Superbowl!
22) Became friends with Shameka, Jennifer, Gary, Lisa, Manuel, Hector and Diana!
23) Visited Seaside, Florida.....CHARMING!
24) Saw Robert Earl Keen, Jr. at Stubb's.  
25) Went "home" after Christmas.
26) Was re-introduced to Denise Garcia and her wonderful husband, Ken!
27) Danced on the roof of the Artpace building.  'Twas fun!
28) Drank Blanton's on the Rocks at Bohanans.
29) Ate dinner with Karrie and Doug Pennebecker at Il Sogno.
30) Completed The Pursuit of God with Janie Worth.
31) Ate Capparelli's with Linda and Bill Fugit at their dining table.
32) Observed the strength and courage of Lisa Callan and Tracey Mather.
33) Was included by Meg Stoffer and her group of friends!  Yay!  Lots of new faces.
34) Saw the Eggmen with Ciara and Ryan and Nutty Brown Cafe.
35) Watched all seven seasons of The Gilmore Girls...TWICE!
36) Attended Emma Jolie Terrell's first birthday party, Nicolas Mendez's second birthday party, Gianna Mery's second birthday party, Justin and Minnie's December celebrations and Meriweather Rabke's second birthday party
37) Had a morning porch picnic and pajama day with Ella James Bearden.
38) Witnessed Meg Stoffer marry Justin wonderful!
39) Witnessed Bryn Carson marry Andrew gracious to include me. 
40) Purchased a painting by Andree Hudson at Waxlander Gallery on Canyon Road, Santa Fe.
41) Walked in the snow...TWICE!
42) Spent Sangeeta's birthday at Wildfish.
43) Took a private Pilates lesson with Wendy.  Thank you, Mom!
44) Ripped the carpet out of my house...NOW WHAT?  Yikes!
45) Hosted a garage sale forcing me to purge.
46) Moved a reformer into my garage!  Thank you, Mom!
47) Took a yoga class while facing Manhattan Beach.
48) Completed Principles of Accounting!
49) Realized things have to change....profoundly....starting with me.
50) Had my photos taken by my insanely talented cousin...and jumped for joy!
Photo by: Marisa Q Photography

My girl, Mary Gertrude!

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  1. I am not sure how I missed this one Patty, but i LOVE it! Many, many beautiful adventures await you during your 36th year, of this I am sure! Love you!-Rup