Monday, August 1, 2011

Two Hundred

According to my post count....this is my 200th blog!  
We are living large at Fete....and by "we"...I mean me.  Check out this HEB cake, which with my coupon cost a total of 4.25....including the banner reading, "Happy 200."  (Imagine the quizzical looks I got from the bakery when I asked them to write "Happy 200."  I assured them it was an "inside joke" and that did little to clarify the request.)  Yes...I did eat a sliver of cake...I just dug my fork in, (1 year old birthday style) ate a piece and winced in pain because the sugar literally ate away at the dentin immediately.  Cake went into the trash bin straightaway.  

Thank you to my precious few (and I do mean FEW) readers who have read each and every one of those 200 posts.  It's been an interesting ride, right?  In truth...those 200 posts have been written during the most challenging times of my life.  While I wasn't always consistent...and still am not...this certainly has been a saving grace.
I am loving that House Beautiful created this nifty design insert located just inside the July/August 2011 issue.  They perforated the edge for an easy tear out.  I will keep this tucked neatly away in my inspiration book.  The only hint I would of wall hanging should be 48-51 inches from floor for gallery height hanging.  

Pin it, print it, share it....

(In honor of a conversation I had earlier today.)
Lorelai: Man I love email.  Everyday Rory and I write to each other, multiple times.  It's great.
Luke: You enjoy typing to people more than talking to them?
Lorelai: Wrong perspective.  Email is a return to the romantic days of letter writing.  It's pure Dickens.

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