Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Return of Weight Watchers Wednesday....

 Oh yes!  It's back!  The return of Weight Watchers Wednesday.  Why?  Because I am 7 lbs over my lifetime goal.  What? YEP!  It has happened.  It's okay.  With the help of Weight Watchers and my own personal toolbox I am going to address this before it spins out of control.

I was really nervous about returning to Weight Watchers; not because of the "diet" idea (which it really isn't) but because they have changed their system.  However, since my last time "on program" (12.2008) the advent of "apps" have made life infinitely easier!  And the Weight Watchers Mobile App is so unbelievably easy it would be a crime for me NOT to track my daily eating practices!  

I have come across this "pin" on Pinterest a number of times and thought I would give it a try during my first week back on program.  We all know that the ever present water weight can add a few unwanted pounds to the scale.  This is a nice way to get your 8 glasses of water with a little extra flavor and natural ingredients which act as a diuretic.  
I had heard that dandelion root was pretty nasty so I was on the fence about including it in this diet cocktail.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It honestly doesn't taste like much and ends up being so diluted you can hardly detect it.  It is, however, a tad expensive.  A box of 30 bags cost 10 dollars.  I found it at Sprouts (aka Sun Harvest) and NOT at HEB.  I am juicing real lemons and using a sugar free cranberry juice which I found at both HEB and Sprouts.  I am on my third day and am finding I am usually done with the bottle by mid day...but I am a HUGE water drinker.

I will dutifully report back the results!  (I am wishing in a week I could look like the girl in the photo...but oh well!  I am pretty good with how I look right now.  I like that feeling!)

As for Thanksgiving....enjoy!  It rolls around once a year.  Eat until you feel satisfied; don't beat yourself up...just get back on track Friday morning!

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