Thursday, November 3, 2011

Small Things

I found this blog through Pinterest.  There was a cute photo of a messy ponytail and the caption went something like, "This is the best blog for hair styles."  Okay, so yes, I spent the better part of Friday night watching this total cutie show me hair tricks and styles and products and implements.  And, yes, I spent the better part of the night trying to re-create her styles.  A few of them worked, a few of them didn't.  My hair is too long and too heavy to sport some of her precious coifs.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed her articulate and detailed videos and imagine she is probably just the sweetest hairdresser a girl could have!  If you like to play with your hair...or others...check out this blog.  She posts about other things, as well.  And she likes to share about her life and her faith...which is an added bonus.  She picked up and moved to North Carolina...she got me thinkin'....????

Click here to visit her blog.... 

This blog is in loving memory of Sherry Taff.  Sherry is a former colleague.  She was a tiny woman with the biggest heart.  She loved teaching students "how to learn."  She had a deep impact on so many young people.  She loved her family and was so proud of her husband and children.  Thoughts and prayers are with her family....

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