Sunday, January 15, 2012

Never Judge a Red Box By It's Cover

Those who know me well can tell you I have a "strangle hold" on pre-conceived notions from time to time.  They will also tell you that more often than not I have to eat my words (which is never a fun experience).  I have, once again, found myself on the foolish side of a snotty notion!

Since the (semi) revolutionary inception of "The Red Box" I have assumed "The Red Box" could not possibly have anything to offer me, a seasoned movie critic (clearly).  

Well, let me back up.  I believe (if I am not mistaken) "The Red Box" made it's first appearance at McDonald's Restaurants nationwide.  Since I rarely spend anytime (physically inside) said establishment (only in the drive through line for coffee) I never had much interaction with "The Red Box."  My friends spoke highly of "The Red Box," however the movies they spoke of were more of the blockbuster Palladium type; rather than the small films with big heart of the Bijou type.  

And so my erroneous, judgmental, snotty little opinion was conceived; and I was not interested in proving myself wrong.....UNTIL I was house sitting for a friend and I could not figure out how to operate cable; but seemed able to manipulate the DVD player into showing movies.

A trip to CVS pharmacy brought me face to face with my pre-conceived notion.  There it was, "The Red Box."  There I was, bored to tears in a house with no functional cable.  

I took a deep breath and said to myself, "Patty, you WILL select a movie and you WILL give it a chance, regardless of how much money it brought in at the box office."  

Much to my surprise, screens and screens of movies popped up on the monitor.  And some of the choices were small, independent films I had been wanting to watch; but had missed at The Bijou (and I cancelled Netflix to save money). 

I selected the following movies and highly recommend them both.

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