Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Too Faced

It is an incredibly rare occasion when I get excited over make up.  I am most definitely NOT one of those girls who spends hours at the make up counter applying various shades of this and that, wiping it off with Kleenex, trying on a shade darker or a hue lighter, lingering, staring at my hand, lingering longer.  I find the whole process boring and needlessly time consuming.  (That's why I have my Patrick at Neiman's!  He does it all for me.)

To be completely honest most of my make up comes from samples my mother passes down to me.  (She, on the other hand, loves shopping for make up and can spend hours searching for THE perfect color of lipstick.)  The only "make up" I spend any time researching is "skin care," ....the stuff that goes on before the color and will hopefully save me from early aging.  The rest is pretty much set in stone.  Same mascara since high school...Maybelline...in the pink tube, of course, NARS lip liner and lipstick (never deviate), Mary Kay under eye concealer, NARS pressed powder, NARS blush....

However, at Christmas, Sarah (my child of God and sassy cousin) had a palette of Too Faced Eye Makeup laying around.  Feeling blah and colorless, I borrowed the eye makeup and found myself drawn to the color, texture and consistency.  I used the makeup for the rest of my stay in McAllen and decided I would actually SPEND THE MONEY to purchase some eye makeup.

On a quick trip to Sephora I decided to make my purchase.  I selected the "Natural Eye Collection" so I could have something muted for day and sparkling for the evening.  And with names like "Heaven," "Sexpresso," and "Erotica," who could resist.  In terms of names...they go perfectly with my NARS "Orgasm" blush.  Raunchy!

The box comes with three cards lending polite suggestions for application. 

Overall, I am pleased with the OVER 20 dollars I dished out and will definitely be making a future investment.  

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