Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lessons Hard Learned

Luke: You know, I am sorry, too.  Now that I've had April...I've learned a lot.  I was crazy to think I had to fix everything in my relationship with April before I could really be with you.  That's just not how you fix things.  Things just don't stand still; they are always changing.

Lorelai: Yeah

Luke: I guess I was compartamentalizing, if that is what you call it.  I should have opened my compartments.  I should have gotten your help.

Lorelai: I wanted to help.

Luke: I know, and I am sorry. And I am sorry, also, because I think I kind of used April to push you away.

Lorelai: You did, huh?

Luke: Yeah, I think so.  I was afraid.  And I am so sorry.

Lorelai: It's really okay.

Luke: I'm glad.

Lorelai: Me, too.

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