Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Week

This is the last full week I will be 36.

Birthdays have become harder and harder for me; since turning 35.

I am currently sitting at my desk working on a Safety Protocol for a clinic with whom my father does business.  It's kind of like Chinese, but I enjoy the challenge.  

I am listening to my John Prine Pandora station.  James Taylor's "Sweet Baby Jane" just came on.  I smiled because I remember being 16.  20 years ago my mom and dad purchased a stereo for me.  I was thrilled because it had the LATEST and GREATEST technology....a CD player.

The first two CDs I purchased were Phantom of the Opera and James Taylor.

Every night I would switch between the two as I sprawled out on the floor to do my homework.

It feels like yesterday.

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