Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Segment: How-To

This blog has NEVER been heavy on the "how-to."  Don't get me wrong, I know "how-to" do a lot of things.  Weak on the raw artistic ability, I have turned to paper crafting to satisfy my creative yearning.  In fact, I was once a consultant for Stampin' Up and I had to "how-to" a lot of people through creating cards that had a definite "craft" rather than "art" slant.  I found creating the cards and explaining the "how-to" perfunctory and, quite frankly, a little too crafty for my taste.  

I digress.  Since joining the San Antonio Bloggers FB group I feel pretty isolated in that I don't have a "how-to" section on ANYTHING in this blog.  

Here's the fix!

You will need one mirror and one Sharpie Marker (a la graffiti artist)!

Simply write notes to yourself on a mirror with your Sharpie Marker.  TAG AWAY!  It is EASILY removed with nail polish remover.

I am using my bathroom mirror as a vision board, of sorts.  I am keeping notes on an inner journey I am traveling, as well as a possibility I am creating.  The beauty of it is that I can SEE MYSELF in MY thoughts, dreams, plans and schemes.  (Dig on the rhyme, cat!  Snaps!) 

What follows is a terrible photo...but an example, nonetheless!

And that, Fete-ish-istas is our "how-to" lesson of the week!  

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