Friday, November 16, 2012

Marisa: Interview Part I

Today there is an ENORMOUS amount to celebrate!  Twlight: Breaking Dawn II officially opens at the box office.  And while this normally would mean precious little to me...I am a wee bit of a fan, not a Twihard by any means...this time around I can hardly contain my excitement!  

Our family is proud, so proud, that our sweet Marisa is playing intense and pivotal role in the epic saga.  

In honor of the release...a two part interview and a possible giveaway...hint hint!
       Fete:  After you remove your sleeping mask from your eyes, what is the first thing you do when your feet hit the floor?

      Quinn:  Hahaha… well, first of all, my eye mask is white and fluffy like a comfy puffy cloud.  (Sorry boys, it isn’t silky or sexy at all.)  Honestly, the first thing I do is blindly fumble for eye drops (the one downside of having had Lasik surgery), and stumble toward the kitchen (can you tell I’m not a morning person?) where I stash my rejuvenating gel eye mask – SWEET RELIEF!!!  Once I have that cold jolt of puff-reducing fabulousness, I’m ready to start the day!
   Fete:  I know that you have always suffered sensitive skin...which is difficult considering the work you do is IN FRONT OF A CAMERA!  Please share with us your skin care routine.

Quinn:   My skin care routine is all about Dr. Hauschka.  Using all natural botanicals, his holistic skincare system is all about supporting your skin’s natural process of renewal.  Less is more is his philosophy, and he believes our skin has a natural capacity to heal, moisturize, and maintain itself without overindulgence or dependence on man-made products.  As a woman with dry skin who swore I could never go even 5 minutes without my moisturizer – I can tell you after a few weeks I was a complete believer.  I now never use moisturizer or any kind of cream at night – rather I allow my skin to do what mother nature intended it to.  My once “dry skin” has turned completely normal, and with the support of a natural supplement called “Purvana” my skin stays clear and healthy.

Fete: Your sister Sarah once said, "Marisa doesn't just have hair...she has a mane!"  Tell us your secret to GREAT, healthy hair!

 Quinn: My most powerful secret to having great hair is… just RECOGNIZING that your hair IS great!  As women, I think we so often fall into the trap of wanting what we don’t have.  For so many years I tried to fight my curls – battling them into stick straight submission with straighteners and blow dryers and constant heat torture.   The problem was I just didn’t know how to make the most of what God gave me.  Curls are very different than straight hair – and even the way I shampoo is different depending on whether I want to do a straight style or amp up my natural waves.  The secret to awesome curls is to never ever comb them out, not even in the shower.  Use a “low poo” shampoo (I like Deva Curl), and a hydrating conditioner – apply both but do NOT comb out the tangles like you would with straight hair.  Just let it sit on the hair, and crunch up the curls as if you were using a diffuser.  Gently rinse most of the conditioner out, and then apply a curl enhancer before you even exit the shower.  Crunch those curls again to squeeze out the water, then gently wrap hair with a microfiber towel (regular terry cloth causes frizz!).  A good ol’ natural Air Dry is what really makes my curls look their best, but a blow dry on LOW using a diffuser is a great option as well.  However, my best advice is simply to remember your hair is as unique as you are, and only you can determine what works best for YOU!

Fete: You once told me you've never had a manicure!  Now I KNOW that is no longer true as I saw something on the internet showing a fab manicure/color treatment!  Have you started getting mani/pedis what with all these events and red carpets?

      Quinn: You crack me up.  I never said I had NEVER had a mani/pedi, I just said that I NEVER get them.  Well, never on the regular.  They’ve always just been a special treat once or twice a year. In the past, because I could never afford them, and now – because I generally just don’t have time.  I’ve gotten pretty good at doing it myself, and multi-tasking in my home office between coats.  But let me tell ya, I recently had my first legit “Deluxe” mani/pedi at the Ritz in downtown Los Angeles, and HOLY BANANAS was it AWESOME!!!  I look forward to the days when I will have both the time and the money to enjoy that more often!!
Fete: We come from a LONG LINE of fabulously well groomed, well kept, gorgeous women who CLEARLY know how to maintain their inner and outer beauty despite the passage of years.  They have NEVER been shy about "telling us" how to maintain a solid health, diet and beauty regimen.  What bit of advice stands out to you?  For is NEVER let your nail polish chip off...NEVER!  And only use your ring finger when applying ANYTHING TO YOUR is the finger with the least amount of strength, doing the least amount of damage!  What life lesson or piece of wisdom have the women in our family taught you that you have carried with you?

Quinn: Yes, we do!  The beauty lesson I learned from my mother was to be exceedingly gentle with your skin.  Treat your face like a delicate rosebud, and it will stay looking as fresh as one! Life lesson: Never put yourself in a position where you are completely financially or emotionally dependent on a man.  Wisdom: Be true to yourself.  No matter what others think –if you are right with you and right with God, you are gonna be alright.
Check in for Part II of this interview...coming soon!

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