Sunday, November 25, 2012

Marisa: Interview Part II

Fete:  You look AMAZE.BALLS!  Please share your fitness regime with us!
     Marisa: Yoga and hiking are my two principal modes of fitness.  Not only because they’re great for the body, but because they never cease to teach me lessons on life, love, and spirituality.  Hiking trails through some of the planet’s most gorgeous (and dangerous) wilderness has changed my life in immeasurable ways.  I believe the experience has impacted me so much because like in Yoga, each physical experience is a manifestation of a spiritual principal.  Or that has been the experience for me at least.  When you’re out on a trail, pushing your body to it’s limits, maxims like “Forge your own path” “There’s more than one road to every destination” “Trust your body” etc… become SO real that you can’t help but take that wisdom and apply it to everyday life.  I could go on for days about this… but it’s really an individual experience, and may not occur the same way for everyone.  What I can say is, one way or another these two forms of fitness connect mind, body and spirit in a very powerful way – and engaging in them consistently will inevitably leave you not only healthy and energized, but mentally grounded and spiritually connected.
         Fete:  I know you LOVE living in Los Angeles!  Tell us what a "perfect" day might look like for you.

      Marisa: Lucky for us Angelenos, almost every day in LA is a perfect day!! Weather-wise that is.  ;o)  But having money, free time, and great company also flowing in abundance are a little less frequent.  When they do happen, I love having long, connected conversations…and giving those I care about my undivided attention.  That becomes difficult when there are a lot of people around, so I especially enjoy spending a few hours with only one or two good friends at a time.  My perfect day would start out sharing a beautiful morning yoga practice with someone at The Green Yogi, followed by brunch al fresco at RAW, lounging at the beach with a fresh pressed juice cocktail from Earth Bar, indulging in a deluxe spa treatment of some kind, and wrapping up the evening with a decadent dinner from an eatery like “The Tasting Kitchen” in Venice, specializing in local organic produce and a seasonal one-of-a-kind menu. 
   Fete: You can take me to The Green Yogi and RAW anytime, sister!  Love, love, love those spots!

Marisa: Right?  Something about walking out of The Green Yogi!  Bliss!

         Fete:  You recently purchased your "dream car!"  I understand you named your car Blue Ivy...tell us a little more about that! 

Marisa:  Oh how I love my baby girl Blue Ivy!!
 (Yes, I totally named my car after Beyonce’s baby because 
A. It’s great friggin’ name!  and B. Because I probably love my car as much as Beyonce loves her baby.  Just kidding!  Sort of. )
Anyway, ever since I got my hands on a friend’s Barbie convertible (side note: I never had one of my own.  My barbies rolled around inside some old hand-me-down roller skates), I have always ALWAYS wanted a top down ride.  I custom designed every detail of her, inside and out. Thankfully my taste has matured a little bit, and I went with pastel blue instead of my original vision of pastel pink. ;o)
Fete: Yeah, my Barbie rolled around in my shoes.  I didn't have a car, either!  I sure did want that 
Barbie Corvette.  Whatever...necessity is the mother of invention.  I daresay I might have actually
taught you the Barbie in a shoe trick.  You, however, had the wisdom to actually add wheels
to the whole concept.  Dah, Patty!

Marisa: (Laughing out loud and shaking head in pathetic sympathy!)

Fete: How would your "ideal evening" go down?

      An ideal relaxed evening for me would be to be curled up by a beach campfire.  There’s nothing like the crackling of a fire and the whisper of waves surrounding you in perfect harmony.
           Fete:  Assuming you have time...and don't just plop into bed and immediately fall asleep...what books are on your bedside table right now.

      My current book of choice is a re-read of Deepak Chopra’s “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire”.  Revisiting books that have impacted my life in powerful ways is my version of “mental rejuvenation”.  Next up, I intend to tackle another spiritual work – “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson.
       Fete: OMG!  Marianne Williamson's "A Woman's Worth" CHANGED MY LIFE!  I have been going back to it ever since I was 21.  I "liked" Marianne Williamson on Facebook and her posts are so rich and intense...grounds me right back down!

Marisa: She is amazing!  I love her work.

            Fete:  I know you believe in creating your own possibility in life.  Please share what possibilities you are working on creating for yourself right now.
      Right now I’m creating the possibility of producing and starring in a critically acclaimed period film based on Native/Latino history in Texas.  There are a lot of beautiful stories that have yet to be told, and I have my mind set on bringing a powerful one to the silver screen!! 

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