Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Think I Have to Do This

Is anyone else watching Save Me on NBC?  If you aren't, might I be so bold as to issue a stern, "Well, (hand on hip, finger pointing right in your face),YOU SHOULD BE!"  Yes, yes, yes, I know...Anne Heche had her crazy moment, in public, unfortunately.  Let's cut her some slack.  I've had many a crazy moment and thank GOD for my relative anonymity.  Listen, I am sure some nights my looks have give Lindsay Lohan's a run for their money, messy hair, weeping mascara, broken heel, lipstick askew...but I get to hid behind the veil of NON FAME!  Thank God those days were FAAAAR before camera phones.  Oh wait...or maybe one was two weekends ago?  I digress, forgive Anne Heche her weird ability to speak in alien tongues like Nell and WATCH THIS SHOW!  In a strange twist of is all about second chances through God, and God alone.  

Very quickly....Anne's character, "Beth," chokes on a midnight, post partying, sandwich and is saved by God.  Now, she receives messages from "He/She" (she always says the voice is gender neutral) and she simply can not ignore He/She.  She is often implored to share the messages out loud and chaos ensues.  God's plans rarely match up to ours so I imagine chaos would inevitably ensue.  The nice thing about TV is that it gets wrapped up in 30 minutes (WITH commercials!) and God's message, however confusing it might be, is delivered to us and you walk away feeling like you, TOO, should be more of a Good Samaritan.  

When He/She speaks to Beth, beautiful harpy bells signal THE MESSAGE and she tries very, very hard to say, "No, I can't tell them that right now.  Please, leave me alone.  Ouch, you are speaking too loudly, FINE...I will do it."  And then she does it and she seems crazy.  Only her family and friends tolerate her and the messages and each one of them is becoming the better for it.  

I've been ignoring the "harpy bells" for a long, long, long time, now.  You've probably noticed.  My blog posts are surface...important and fun...but not nearly coming close to sharing what has been on my mind and in my heart, as of late.  

I fear my thoughts are still a bit of a jumbled up mess...but I am going to attempt to place them into cogent statements in the next few posts.  Or maybe I am just saying that to put off, ONE MORE DAY, sharing what might be so deeply personal I get funny sideways glances from my family and friends?

Today I leave you with this thought: 
"Peace needs to be sexy again."
-Jean Houston

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