Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Before and After

A quick tip before I head to sleep. I had a "before" photo that I kept referring back to during my program. It was an awful, bloated photo of myself on a cruise about a year ago. It pained me to look at it. It wasn't but a week after that photo was taken that I marched straight into the Weight Watchers center and signed up. THAT photo was my inspiration! I could not believe I had let myself get to that point. I kept that picture in the forefront of my mind during my weight loss journey. I longed for an "after" photo and was determined to reach a time in my life where I wouldn't cringe at the sight of a camera. I am happy to say that I am no longer afraid of is evidenced by the blog and Facebook. How wonderful to create memories and feel good about the way you look in those photos!

Maybe your "before" photo is a photo from long ago....a time when you felt better about the way you looked. Whatever the case may be...find a photo...of you...not Megan Fox...and keep it tucked into your points tracker for inspiration.

Someday...I might get brave and post the "before" photo. Yikes! Not sure I am ready for that yet! We'll see....

Goodnight, friends! Will have plenty to blog after this weekend. Visiting Ramsey, Kelley and Gena in Houston! Love it!

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