Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shades of Green

I have made a commitment to frequent local business that were kind enough to open their wallets, and hearts, for The Children's Bereavement Center of South Texas Silent Auction. Most of these relationships were formed, and cultivated, long before my arrival on the board. However I feel that if "they" support "us"..."I" will support "them!"

I have a NUMBER of things I intend to "achieve" or "attempt" in 2010. The first being to fly a kite! (No...I have NEVER flown a kite. In fact, I mentioned this to my father the other day and he said, "Wow. We were terrible parents!") Similarly, I intend to SUCCESSFULLY establish and maintain an herb garden.

Given that I had some time over Spring Break and it is "just that time of the year" I felt a trip to "the nursery" was imminent. Unfortunately, around my area, I am limited to Home Depot and Lowe's. Personally the plants I have purchased from them have NEVER done well. Of course I am certain I am responsible for 100% of the failure! Additionally, I have never found a nursery in San Antonio where my questions weren't met with an element of pity and irritation. I mean, I am positive I am the only person in San Antonio who manages to kill a blue plumbago! And I am positive nursery attendants can read it all over my face!

I remembered Shades of Green kindly donated a gift certificate to Silent Auction. I was in the area on Saturday and figured I would give it a try. I walked in and the angels sang! I was in wonderland! And EVERYONE was so kind and helpful and never once made me feel intimidated, insecure, irrational, irritating....

I purchased basil, rosemary, lavender and spearmint. Several different employees shared their tips for success with each herb with me and politely suggested I invite them over for mojitos! The owner walked me to my car and actually said, "I am so blessed to love my work!" (Oh that we were all so lucky!) He then invited me back the next day for a CD release party of George Gaytan who is a close personal friend of theirs. I returned and fell further in love with the nursery. I ended up spending two and half hours roaming around, visiting with an old friend, taking photos and just generally hanging out with myself. I would like to share my photos and encourage each of you to visit this gorgeous and courteous establishment.
This is the bench/rocker I am hoping to treat myself to within the next month!
I love this teeny, tiny plant! My hands are really little...so you can imagine how small this plant is!
Goodnight, friends. Enjoy this gorgeous evening!

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