Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break Blues...Sniff Sniff

Today I celebrate YOU, allergies! Yes! YOU! YOU who have made me miserable the last EIGHT DAYS! YOU who have made sleeping....uncomfortable, breathing....impossible, swallowing....painful, holding my head up....laborious. I celebrate YOU! Why? Because YOU, allergies, are a most unpleasant reminder that spring is in the air, infused with mountain laurel and frisky squirrels, pesky lizards and tiny green blooms. And while I genuinely find you irritating, annoying, debilitating and "vacation-crashing" I celebrate what YOU, allergies, represent....the hope that comes with Spring! AND...because of YOU, allergies, I am laying in bed, being ultra lazy and finally finding time to update this blog.As many of you know I was honored with the task of Silent Auction Co-Chair for the 9th Annual Hearts in Harmony Gala benefiting The Children's Bereavement Center of South Texas! This project, in fact, coupled with pure laziness, kept me from blogging more diligently. (I know...horrible to blame a charity for my laziness, isn't it?) While MOST of you were there with me (I can never thank each of you enough) some of you were unable to join us so I thought I might post some photos from the event. Gala and Silent Auction were a total success, not to mention loads of fun, and raised OVER $112,000 towards our mission of fostering healing for the grieving children in this community. And now...for the "plug!" Please visit the new website at (rock star=Christin Gish) and consider taking a "Tour of the Heart" led by the amazing Janie Worth to have a look at our brand new digs (rock star=Linda Fugit). You MIGHT EVEN CONSIDER a donation to CBCST through the new "donate" option on the website. Do you have a PayPal account? Great...donate!
Jan Paprskar, Linda Fugit and I right before Gala begins.
Ciara came to help me the day of and stayed through the evening to help me. Now that is a good friend! And...we had a blast!
George Strait donated a pair of autographed Justin boots.
Basketball autographed by David Robinson and 2009-2010 UT Football Team signed football.
Spotlight Item-Dinner at Vance View with food provided by Menger and Associates, Wine provided by Weston Stone, home provided by Clair Inglish and invitations provided by Invitations, Etc. (rock star=Barbara Stevens for making this table look so gorgeous!)
"For your Entertainment" and "For the Home" table.
2009-2010 Spurs Team autographed basketball donated by The San Antonio Spurs Foundation and Football autographed by Priest Holmes

I JUST completed 2010 auction yesterday by completing our "Thank You Letter" mail out! And I have already received our first donation to 2011 (rock star=Celeste and Dr. Bobby!) I have agreed to Chair Silent Auction for here we go again! After 2011...I am DONE!

This project has been so meaningful to me in an abundance of ways. First and foremost we were able to raise money towards the mission of CBCST. Anything beyond that is really just sweet, sweet icing! That said, I learned a great deal about myself. Some good...some not so good. The move involved I became in the project, the more I realized God brought me to this mission for a number of reasons and I am forever grateful for the opportunity. I am even more grateful for the new friendships I have made and the old friendships that have been celebrated through CBCST!
Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up!

Right now I am loving "ooh la lift" by benefit. I keep it in my purse and in the (all too often) event when I can not get home to "refresh" my make up, I throw on some "ooh la lift" under my eyes for instant glow and restoration. I highly recommend "ooh la lift!"

Okay, friends! Nap time! Head aches, face hurts...must get a nap!

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