Monday, May 10, 2010

A Computer and a Cup of Coffee

My half-drunk, luke warm cup of coffee collided with my computer and things got ugly. As of today I was able to recover all files on the hard drive (YAY) and am now the proud, if not ridiculously "after the fact" owner of an external hard drive. My computer is on a journey to Kentucky...where it will no doubt beat me to a tour of Bourbon distilleries...and get itself repaired, recovered and rehabilitated so it can come home to mama like new. Perhaps it will always carry with it the faint smell of coffee which will undoubtedly make me smile.

So for the next few weeks there will be nothing in the way of blogging. (I am blogging at work...on a break...and hoping not to get caught!) A break from Facebook is also a welcome respite.

Sweet Monday, dear friends! all my "peeps"...mi gente...out there...check out a movie called La Mission. Benjamin Bratt in prison tats...not too bad to look at! Plus...there actually is a lovely story underneath all the tatoos, Virgen's, rosarys, matachines, frijoles, etc.....Oh and of course all songs sounding faintly of "Crystal Blue Persuasion."

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