Friday, April 16, 2010

5 Reasons I Want to Live on a Lavender Farm

I recently posted "Patty Vela wants to live on a lavender farm when she grows up." This idea is not far fetched. Let me explain why.

1) I was told at Shades of Green, "Lavender loves nuclear sun!" I live in San Antonio, Texas. Need I say more?

2) My lavender is not only growing, it is THRIVING. I feel that people should capitalize on their successes and share them with others. Apparently I am an expert at growing lavender, a "natural," if you will. Thus, it is my duty to provide (in abundance) for others, right?

3) If I stand among a lavender field, close my eyes, breathe deeply, throw some Juliette Greco on the record player and sip on wine....I am in the South of France (God's land!).

4) Lots and lots and lots of lavender infused baked goods!

5) C'est si bon! It would be "so good!"

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