Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Updates and Day Lates

A few days late, but exciting nonetheless! Straight from Pimlico Drive in Dallas, TX....Todd's flamingos celebrated The Fourth of July with the style and aplomb we have come to expect.
You simplify your life in many ways and find great rewards!
So far the Top Ten list isn't going so well. However, I am happy to report that a task that was much needed and long anticipated was completed today, despite the fact I forgot to include it in the Top Ten List. I finally undressed and disassembled my Christmas tree. I realize it is July and in less that six months I will have to pull all the ornaments out again. The flip side is that I have the ornaments (more or less) organized and that will make "dressing the tree" much easier come December.

Goodnight, friends! Let's see if I can't knock out a task or two on that Top Ten List! Remember, you are all to hold me accountable.....


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