Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Gonna Rant a Little Bit

There are several themes that recur in my dreams.  These symbols, as I like to consider them, have haunted my dreams since my childhood.  One prominent symbol is a plane crash.  (I like to attribute all these symbols to anxiety and/or perceived loss of control....my dream life is wicked and consistent as day turns to night.)  I am not paralyzed by the idea of flying; but it certainly does conjure up a serious amount of trepidation.  However, I refuse to allow the fear ground me (pun clearly intended).

So, here's the thing.  If you want to "full body scan" me....go right ahead.  And "full body scan" the guy in front of me and the lady behind me.  I do not care if you see my "internal parts."  I do not even care if you analyze my "internal parts" or laugh about my "internal parts" with your co-workers in the "remote viewing room."  I will tell you all about my "internal parts" and the surprises you may or may not find floatin' around in there.  Do what you have to....just make sure I am safe.  The image, from what I can tell, is rather cloudy and non-descript.  I certainly don't think it is any image that anyone might get their kicks from viewing.  Hell....you can sell a picture of my "non-descript," "cloudy," "unrecognizable" body parts to some seedy internet guy....I don't care.  Why do I not care....because ultimately I know I am "safe" on that airplane AND you can't recognize me in that photo to save your life.  So...scan away.  And people need to find something "real" to focus on.  There...that's my rant!  And yes...I WILL be body scanned in less that 5 days.  And guess what...I don't even care!  I feel much better now.....
Listen, you pin head.  You should be kissing the ground she walks on.  Why that sweet girl lets you within a hundred miles of her is beyond me; but she does.  You are the luckiest man on the planet to have a girl like that looking after you, caring about you.  And if you say so much as one unkind word to her, I will personally break every bone in your body.  You got me? -Luke

Kirk: It's unorthodox.
Lorelai: That's because I'm not orthodox.  I am a liberal with a touch of reform and a smidgen of zippity pow.
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