Friday, April 20, 2012

This One is All About the Ladies

Hang on to your hats, friends.  This one is going to be a long one. 

This week has been a challenge; both physically and mentally.  Despite my present discomfort God....(and The Universe) have sent me a number of gifts that I would like to share with you, my readership of less than 100!  Granted, I have shared most of this on Facebook.  But, in the very rare and troubling event that YOU are not on Facebook...allow me to share these precious little gems of goodness and grace.

 Little known fact:  I am the Research and Communications Liaison for Monarch Media Productions.  

Who knew that?  

Had I mentioned it?  This brain is 100% on overload.  

Well, I am.  And proudly so!  

Today, Monarch Media Productions launched the trailer for Sweet Mary & Jane.
Why is Monarch Media Productions relevant, diverse, ground breaking and just plain bad a**? was created by Marisa Quinn, my "little"...but more importantly Monarch Media Productions is driven by a singular mission:

 "By challenging traditional stereotypes within all races, cultures, and lifestyles portrayed in Film, Television, and New Media, Monarch Media Productions is committed to generating innovative content that will seek to honorably represent and realistically portray the rich diversity of modern American society."

Take a look at the trailer for Sweet Mary & Jane....
I am so proud of all the individuals who came together to make this possible.  Now...on with the show. Chat at me about film festivals!  
 I am "literally" loving Kat Edmonson's new album, Way Down Low!  A fellow Texan, which makes me love her even MORE, I was first introduced to Kat Edmonson when she teamed up with, my man, Lyle Lovett on three Christmas songs.  Her voice is a perfect mix of pixie quirk and throwback hauntings.  I love the vibe of this album and feel inspired to bathe in vintage and take myself out for a Sidecar, Slow Gin Fizz or a classic Martini.  BUY IT, NOW!
 I have been unable to face scouring my house...for one reason or another.  I never really got to the source of the fear and blockage...but I honestly didn't delve all that deeply into the root cause.  Perhaps because I was afraid of what I might find.  

Domestic Divas told me it was okay to leave "the dust to them."  And so, I took them up on their offer! According to their founder, Nikki Jefferson, it is okay to feel like I can't possibly keep up with the demands of my life AND keep a clean house.  Of course, what Nikki does not know is that I have no children and no husband.  I live alone and have no excuse....other than pure laziness....for not cleaning this house on my own.

Thank you, Nikki, for your understanding nature!  It is not lost on me.  And...good for you for finding your niche!  I HIGHLY recommend Domestic Divas.  

For information about menu and pricing visit  Let them know I referred you, pretty please!

HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL:  I do not even know where to start on HOW MUCH I found this blog a source of total comfort this week.  I am not even going to try!  Just go to

Yes, this is a "mommy blog" and NO, I am not a "mommy."  But...that does not mean Glennon's story did not completely resonate with me, inspire me, break me down, build me up.  I experienced a range of emotions while I navigated through this lovely "e-space," meeting up with like minded individuals along the way.  It is a forum for "yourself-ness" and thank you Glennon for allowing a space like this to exist!  I love, love, love when God uses the internet for His good graciousness.  THIS is one of those places.  Go there...NOW!  And...become a "monkee!"  
Rory: Wait.  Where are you going?
Lorelai: I am gonna drive in a circle really fast to reverse the earth's orbit.

Ahhhh.....I feel much better now!  Much, much, much love....

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