Thursday, September 6, 2012

Put On Your Dancin' Shoes

I will never forget the day I got the "green light" to purchase my first pair of pointe shoes.  Year after year after year after year of preparing my body for this considerable progression FINALLY paid off.  My ballet instructor's wife met my mother and I at Melba's on 10th Street and we tried on pair after pair finding just the "right fit" for my foot.  I had a gnawing feeling she was going to suggest Capezio's Contempra Style, which at the time, only came in a VERY pink color.  I secretly hated the shade and I wanted the Pavlova's instead...for the Pavlova's were a much more demure, almost peach pleasant to my eye, especially when lit from above while gliding across a stage.  We walked out with the "too pink" Contempra's and I remember a small lump in my throat.  It was bittersweet.  I was allowed to dance with the "big girls" but only in "little girl" pink shoes.  I wore those shoes out until the box broke and my next pair were Pavolva's and I just adored them!  I loved watching my feet move in the if they were something separate from me.

My dancing years are far behind me now.  However, my body often yearns for movement...movement that can not be satisfied by traditional forms of exercise.  I am constantly dancing around my house inventing whole dances, fancying myself quite the choreographer.  But not even that fills the void.  

I recently was in the audience of a burlesque performance and I watched a pole dancer, named Black Orchid, perform an unbelievable piece using a pole as a prop.  I sat, mouth agape, astounded at what she was commanding her body to do.  As it would happen, her colleague, Jennifer Huff (aka Intimate Spins) was sitting next to Jace', Michael and me.  We IMMEDIATELY asked for her card and I was standing in the "Try Me" Pole Class the following Thursday at Soft Sensuous Moves.

I have now completed Level One and tonight was my first Level Two class.  My instructor, Brown Sugar, informed us we would need to have our shoes for the first class of Level Two.  I selected my shoes on Tuesday evening.  I giggled a little as I remembered the day, over twenty years ago, when my mom drove me to select my first pair of pointe shoes.
The mission and vision of Soft Sensuous Moves are EXACTLY in line with my current mission and vision for my life.  So...I could not pass up the opportunity to ask if she was in need of a Pilates instructor.  As it turns out....SHE WAS!  (I adore how the universe works sometimes.)  I am now teaching Soulful Pilates on Tuesday evenings at 6.15 pm.  Stop on by for a visit!

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