Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

Since joining the SA Bloggers group on Facebook, I have been giving a lot of thought to what Fete is all about.  I mean, what is my message?  What is my niche?  What am I offering?  Who are my readers?  (Other than my mom, my aunts in McAllen and one aunt in Scottsdale!)

Most of the bloggers in my group have a very distinct purpose and can neatly fit themselves into a category:  mommy blogging, food blogging, travel blogging, sports blogging, fashion blogging, lifestyle blogging, thrifty blogging etc.  They are able to support one another, share with one another, optimize their message, identify their targeted demographic and gain opportunities through clear and concise purposing. 

Fete has never had a one-track message.  It was born out of the need to identify daily celebrations during a time that was not particularly “celebratory.”  But, oh, how it has grown.  It is a place where I celebrate my favorite television show of all time…much to the annoyance of others.  It is a place where I share products, movies, music, books that have made an impact on me.  It is a place where I share sweet memories and dream future possibilities.  It is a place where I can celebrate love and loss, hope and rebirth, old friends, new little loved ones, auntie Patty’s sweet babies, cousins aspiring to great things…and ultimately the joy of being.

So as I consider what Fete is and what it purports to exclaim…the only words that come to mind are “life-living (out loud).”  Fete is a “life-living (out loud)” blog.  Did I just create my own niche?  Possibly.  But it allows me a succinct way to define my main purpose to others. 

Fete is growing!  I am excited for the possibilities!  Through new friendships I now have more eyes on Fete!   In fact, I have doubled my Facebook followers this week alone.  (Thank you friend…you know who you are.)  Fete will be moving to an interview format from time to time.  I have three interviews lined up that I am incredibly excited about.  I am also starting to learn the art of the “give-away.”  (I am currently participating in one for a 100 dollar gift card to Party City.)  I have a pretty cool “give-away” planned…it’s just a matter of learning some of the software out there….it is an ENTIRELY NEW WORLD for me.

Slowly, I hope to move Fete into a profitable project for me.  This is a bit of an art….in that maintaining the original focus while entertaining sponsors might be a delicate dance.  I want to maintain a crisp, clean visual image on the screen.  I don’t necessarily want to be a blog that advertises…but I do want to be a blog that supports and promotes people, products, ideas, etc that I find thrilling! 

So, I thank you for allowing me to share my future vision with you.  This exercise has allowed me to tighten up my focus and give some real thought to where I want to go from here. 

My life is changing hour to hour and it is “freakishly okay!”  (My new favorite descriptor to the age old question,  “How are you?”…Thank you Marti Leesman for that!)  Given the rapid evolution into Patty version 2.0…I expect Fete to change and morph along with me.  I am excited to see where this will take me! 

Happy Reading, Fete-ish-istas!

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