Thursday, January 3, 2013

Salted Caramel

I DESPERATELY want to call this my own.  I want to say I added a hint of this or a pinch of that and lay claim to this perfect confection.  But the hard truth is...I didn't.  This belongs to Kelsey Nixon of Kelsey's Essentials.  

Look how darling she is!

So y'all know I have a SLIGHT obsession with The Cooking Channel....especially on Saturday nights. Do not mock or judge.  I'm happy.  And you will be, as well, after I share with you what I learned a few weekends back.  
This is like crack.  Seriously.  Thick, luscious, caramel-y crack!  Interestingly this was a portion of a show about gifts you can give to your friends during the holiday season.  In my opinion, if you do NOT want to maintain certain friendships do NOT gift them this caramel.  They will never let you go once they have a taste-trust me!

Rather than regurgitate the recipe here I am just going to link you directly to the page where it can be located.  Click here.  

I will share a few pointers I learned from reviewers and a BIG one I learned first hand.  
1) Allow the cream and butter to be at room temperature.  This apparently facilitates a smoother texture.
2) When you being to whisk in the cream...WEAR YOUR OVEN MITTS!  It is H-O-T Hot!

After much deliberation I threw this over some brie and served with very bland crackers.  One of my foodie friends says he "wasn't feeling" the combination while another thought it was a "great idea."  It was "good."  But I really think this could be "great" over ice cream, in a sweet cookie type bar (which she also has a recipe for), served with apples, tossed in some coffee...or just with a plain ol' spoon!  It's the salt that sets is apart!  Oh...and by the way I used regular sea salt.  However other reviewers used a number of exotic salts and all raved.  

This is not a difficult recipe and is ready in minutes.  Remember...protect your hands, warm temperature  cream and butter and RESIST THE URGE TO STIR!  (So hard to do!)

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