Friday, January 4, 2013

Yay Thirtysomethings

Today is lazy Friday.  It can be because I am still on Christmas vacation.  As such, I am laying in my bed, clad in flannel pajamas with a torn pocket (sexy, right?), hiding behind my computer, surrounded by my current book, Country Living Magazine, a spiral notebook and pencil (doing some research for my father), my dog and San Antonio Business Journal's 40 under 40 issue watching Joaquin Castro on CNN.  And I feel so underwhelmed with myself it is ridiculous!  (Yes...settle in, it is going to be one of THOSE types of blogs!)

You know what...I am not going to finish this post.  Or, at least I am not going to go in the original direction.  Yes, all these people in the SA Biz Journal are roughly my age.  Yes, I know a few of them, know "of" a lot of them. Yes, Joaquin is on CNN and yes, he and I are the same age, as well.  No, I am not in business (although I would like to be and have a katrillion ideas) and no, I am not in politics so I am likely not going to be invited to The Situation Room anytime soon.  And YES...I want to whine about why I have rested on my laurels for 37 years and I also want to tell you that I now know WHY I have rested...instead I am going to say, "Hell Yeah, 30 somethings!" 

And...I'm done.  I've got some more thinking to do.  A lot of thinking to do.  

What would I do if I weren't afraid to fail?

PS...Just read that my "idea" which needs funding is not eligible for Kickstarter.  Okay, regroup! 

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