Monday, April 15, 2013


Today I celebrate my teacher, Jennifer Huff.  This is a freestyle performance and it is beautiful!  Her strength is amazing in that she is able to make everything look absolutely effortless...and it sure as hell is NOT effortless.

I want to celebrate Jennifer because she is the lead instructor at our studio and she exercises her responsibility with fairness and grace.  She is a dedicated wife and mother of three beautiful boys.  She is, quite possibly, one of the most humble, most kind persons I have ever met.

I want to celebrate Jennifer because she is at the forefront of breaking down previously held notions, ideas people have a strangle hold on, regarding this method of movement.
And I mostly want to celebrate Jennifer because at level 7...things are becoming incredibly challenging for me.  And yet, she is endlessly supportive and (I think) REALLY believes within the next seven weeks I will get "off my ribs" and complete a Gemini with no hands while going into Scorpio...with no hands.

I have posted other performances on this site...but I have yet to celebrate MY teacher and MY friend, Jennifer Huff!

If you would like Jennifer (and her troupe) to perform for you at an event or venue check her out at Angels of Elegance.

And a little reminder to myself....believe you can do Gemini with no hands, Patty.  Visualize it!  Have faith in yourself and in your body!  
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