Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Righteous Indignation

"I am fueled by my righteous indignation."-Lorelai

I am literally toxic today.  I am certain breathing the air around me might poison you.  Tuesday is about finding what it good in the bad, right?  That is why I created "Terribly Tuesday."  This one is a real challenge.  

Here we go.

Wait...let me set this up.  Today I started reading a book (while monitoring the hallway during the STARR test) today called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  
My cousin, Marisa Quinn, often references this book and has cited it as a book which has highly influenced her life.  So while I only made it through the Introduction, Chapters One and Two, I was RAPT with attention.  While I may not have had the "a-ha" moment Mr. Hill promises, yet, I was able to take away the idea that from a great "handicap" can come a great "opportunity."  So, in the spirit of the book, I would like to present the "crap" of this Tuesday which ultimately led to the "not crap" of this Tuesday.

1) I can't save every dog who finds her way to the courtyard of my middle school.  One is enough, correct?  Enter this dog:
I can't get into the particulars of how she arrived on campus or how she left campus, either, due to rules governing confidentiality.  What I can say is that I was NOT PLEASED at the end of the day and felt the knots Jennifer Bounds worked so hard to release from my neck on Friday pull together, again, in "righteous indignation."  This sweet puppy is sick...very sick.  She is in pain and literally screamed when I held her close to me.  I suspect a broken rib.  Easy to do since she is but skin and bones.  Here's the thing....there is nothing I can do, short of making her my own and absorbing the cost of this severely needy puppy.  And I am in no position to make this possible for her right now.  Nor am I in any position to bring her home and expose her to my pets.  What are the options?  There aren't any.  And this is insanely frustrating to me.  I debated making a phone call.  I have the number of a well known, well respected veterinarian saved in my phone.  I spoke with her regarding a possible live auction donation some weeks ago.  I took a chance and called her anyhow...begging for any suggestion.  I want to thank Shannon Espy, DVM for her kindness and willingness to talk me through this dilemma.  She was out of town and I could hear the sadness in her voice because she couldn't offer any immediate help.  I want to applaud her (and her husband) for creating their organization, SNIPSA, in an effort to reduce situations like these.  As I said, this did not end well.  I can only hope this sweet puppy receives the relief she deserves.  I trust that if she went to the Lord this evening...it is a far sweeter, painless place than this world.

2) A trip to HEB.  This is NEVER a highlight for me.  This is the most odious chore, in my opinion.  While at the store I am having to constantly remind myself that AT LEAST I have the means to shop for groceries without fear, anxiety, assistance.  Having already had a tough day I was certainly not looking forward to the task at hand.  But, as I walked in my eyes were delighted by several bushels of one of my favorite flowers.

3) And because I JUST CAN'T COMPLAIN ENOUGH TODAY...there is always the culmination of the trip to the grocery store. You know the one where I drag in all the bags from the garage, through the courtyard and into the kitchen while tripping over a dog, a cat, a fighting dog and cat, dog and cat toys and all that comes with my special four legged children.  I took a moment, took a deep breath, let out a sigh and looked to the sliding glass door.  For maybe 10 seconds I was visited by a hummingbird...a very rare occurrence in a backyard void of flowering plants.  What a blessing.

4) For two years a particular student has found me detestable and has made her position very clear.  Today she acknowledged my existence, smiled at me, laughed with me and looked me in the eye.  Those are the moments that make me want to stay.

5) And finally....this made my day.  There was nothing "bad" preceding it.  It is just something I am eternally grateful for.
Starting Think and Grow Rich today and seeing this just brought today full circle.

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  1. Hugs Patty girl! I love those flowers, I hope you bought yourself some!

  2. <3!!!!! oh, and just WAIT until you read "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting". then EVERYTHING you experienced in this blog post will make sense. however, it is clear from this blog post that you already carry the wisdom within you. you already KNOW that you have the power to change any Terrible Tuesday into a Terrific one. and the more you act as an agent of that change, the happier you'll be, and the happier you are the more happiness and abundance (& hummingbirds) you will attract. :o)