Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Wagenfly

Yesterday I said goodbye to an old friend.  I traded in my car of 10 years in for a brand new car.  

I form odd attachments to things.  This is nothing new.  I remember my mother purchasing a brand new pair of brown Bass penny loafers for me (I went to a school with a strict uniform) and I refused to wear them because I felt I was betraying the old pair of brown Bass penny loafers which had been so loyal to me in carrying me from place to place safely.  I JUST recently let go of the Mary Jane Doc Marten's I purchased at Shelley's in London.  It took everything I had to pass on the shoes which carried me through a 6 month trip which changed and shaped my life.  I still have all of my ballet clothes...from HIGH SCHOOL in a grey plastic tub.  The stretch is worn out of every single pair of tights, but I loved that period of my life...I loved who I was and what ballet taught me.  (Even though I had to give up a lot of normal high school activities for the 7 demanding days a week at the studio.)  

This car...my mode of transportation...was a STELLAR car.  She was undeniably reliable, safe, solid and fun to drive.  She was roomy and accommodating.  She sounded great, handled well and never wailed at me when I pushed her too hard.  I lovingly called her my "Acrya" instead of "Acura" because I tend to do most of my crying in the car.  This one saw an ocean of tears slip from my eyes because she carried me through some pretty serious heartache.  
I had a very hard time stepping out for the last time.  But I was comforted by my new vehicle.

Welcome.....The Wagenfly!

The Wagenfly is "Candy White" with a beige interior.  The seats keep my rear warm and it recognizes my phone the moment I turn it on!  And while I was certain that with Pandora I would have no need for Satellite Radio however, in 24 hours, I have 100% changed my mind.  I mean...and ENTIRE STATION DEDICATED TO GRATEFUL DEAD!  Please!  

The Wagenfly earned her name because I can't do anything NOT related to Gilmore Girls.  It was a toss up, but Marisa made the final call.  I was either going to call her The Dragonfly...after the Inn Sookie and Lorelai purchased together.  Or spin off...into The Wagenfly!  Casting her final vote...or opinion (call it what you will) The Wagenfly wins!
The Dragonfly Inn: Stars Hollow, CT
A huge thank you to the folks at Northpark Volkswagen, especially Brian, Mario and Jamal.  They were BEYOND easy to work with and made the process a million times less scary than I anticipated.  I highly recommend them in the event you are looking for a new car!  And hey...I get an entire year of FREE car washes!  No excuses to let The Wagenfly get dusty!

Thankfully I brought her home JUST before the hail storm.  I am sensing a number of Road Trips in my very near future.  Who's in?

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  1. Yay, for new cars. I am actually in the market for upgrading too. I don't know if I will leave my car without a big teary goodbye.