Saturday, April 3, 2010

Her Name was Lola...

Right now I am lovin' the soap opera love drama that is taking place outside my bedroom window on a nightly basis. Lola has a suitor. We named him "Boy Kitty." He is black with a deep brown undercoat and orange harvest moon eyes. I have seen him trolling about the neighborhood. He reminds me a lot of my Tessie and there have been several times I have seen him in the street and my heart drops thinking, "Tessie escaped!" Then I realize it is "Boy Kitty."

"Boy Kitty" has found a way to visit one of the windows in my bedroom. I have not quite mapped out his route to the upstairs window; but he manages to visit his Lola love with a good amount of frequency. Lola waits for him at the window sill every night and has started to bring her "Spongeball Squarepants" to the window sill...I suppose it is a love offering or enticement of some sort.
Given the extraordinary spring weather we have been having I have had the pleasure of sleeping with the windows open. "Boy Kitty" only visits between midnight and 3am. A kitty booty call, I suppose. He peeks his little head in the window and waits for Lola.
Lola gets so excited and sits quietly staring at "Boy Kitty." Tessie and Gracie do not take so kindly to his visits. They have both initiated "cat fights" with "Boy Kitty" through the screen AND burglar bars. Imagine three cats "trying" to fight through layers and layers of barriers. The hissing and screaming is frightening...most especially when the hissing and screaming wakes you up out of dead sleep.
"Boy Kitty" doesn't linger long after Gracie and Tessie put their histrionics on full display. However, during one of his most recent visits he ended up spraying right around the window. Terrific! Fantastic! What a way to show his love!
I know this is going to sound crazy, but after he leaves Lola looks sad. When she is waiting for him she looks sad. I (almost) get the sense she misses him and waits longingly for his visits. Now if I could just get him to visit during regular human hours....

Goodnight friends and Happy Easter. I have some Easter eggs I need to hide before Ella Bella wakes up tomorrow morning.

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