Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mary Gertrude (The Wayward Kitten)

Around the school I work at one can ALWAYS find a stray animal. For the last 10 years I have seen more cats and dogs in need of a good home than I care to count. Of course the faculty is squarely divided between "animal lovers" and "non-animal lovers." The "animal lovers" scramble on their off periods to purchase cat food, dog food, flea spray, blankets, etc.; while the "non-animal lovers" cooly place a phone call to the pound! (Ouch, heart...break!)

Wednesday morning a NUMBER of people's hearts were stolen by this presumably left behind by her mama.....
Meet Mary Gertrude...or at least that is the name I gave her for the day. A tiny, tiny, tiny calico kitty found scared and shivering in the school parking lot. Mrs. Camp took her in and quickly worked to save this little kitty from a tragic end.
When I picked up the kitty princess she was very, very, very cold. I took her into my office and held her tight for most of the morning in an effort to warm her up.
While she did NOT enjoy being "un-swaddled"...I did manage to take a picture of her playing "cat and mouse!" Get it? Cat and mouse? This gives you an idea of just how little she was.
Look at the precious kitty face. In the morning Mary Gertrude could not stand up without shaking; let alone take a step.
After several bottle feedings, lots of sleep and a "Dawn" bath; Mary Gertrude was not only standing and climbing, she was meowing (loudly) and biting Julie.
She was so hungry she bit the entire top of the bottle off with her teeth! At the end of the day Mary Gertrude was ready for a nap. My lunch box was insulated so I swaddled her and placed her in the lunch box. She found a good home with a gentleman that substitutes at our school. He was going to take her home to his wife. Thursday....Mary Gertrude's brother showed up. Kitty nursing...Round II!

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