Monday, April 5, 2010

Kitschy, Kitschy, Kitsch!

While I did not get to Round Top this spring (sniff-sniff) I DID manage to visit Uncommon Objects on South Congress in Austin! I could spend hours snaking in and out of the coordinated vignettes marveling at all of the eye candy. The challenge is to sift through all the items and focus on one or two ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVES that are begging me to take them home with me. I found this piece of marvelous kitsch within the first 30 seconds of my visit. I walked around for about 30 minutes before returning to "Hula Hula" Lady and claiming her as my own. My first thought was to find a place for her in the nude bathroom; however upon further reflection she does not work in there. I haven't landed on a permanent spot for her. Right now she is holding up Mastering The Art of French Cooking. I hope Julia would be proud!
Goodnight friends! Best wishes to all my friends who are involved with TAKS testing tomorrow.

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