Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to Square One and Not Ashamed

The inception of this blog is no secret. I needed to mend a broken heart and find my purpose again. I had to find a way to FORCE myself from traveling down Avenue Bitter, permanently and instead make a left hand turn onto Get Up Off Your A** Drive! This blog was step one, campaigning was step two, reading The Shack was step three, forgiving was step four, Bible Study Fellowship was step five, Children's Bereavement Center was step six, The Story was step seven, Janie Worth was step eight....

I am back to square one. It is time to sink or swim. And friends, I am going to fly. Getting back to this blog is step one, actively seeking a campaign (I think I've got one) is step two, taking my tears to the chapel at lunch is step three, Oak Hills Community Church is step four, Silent Auction is step five, Bible Studies are step six, seven AND eight....and I am so excited and humbled to see how many more steps unfold for me through His grace.

I am ready to do the work that needs to be done. I am ready to face the hard realities and shine the light in the shadows I have been ignoring for years. This life is a gift and it is my responsibility to God is to live it to the fullest. It is also my responsibility to live it honestly and with honesty....most importantly to myself.

The last time I was in "this" spot I could not have imagined the majesty that would enter my life. Through mascara stains and swollen eyes I look forward to the gifts that await me.

Today I celebrate Sara, Christine, Jace', Danica, Becca and Rupa for giving me the desire to smile and laugh even when I really didn't want to. I can't be with them and NOT be happy. Today they were God's gifts! And Lisa was God's texting angel. Though a new friend, she has been one who has put a smile on my face every day this week! I am so blessed!
I came across this blog through a blog I previously posted about. The theme is green these days, as you can tell. This blog is a little more practical and offers information that is relevant to green household living. To visit this website click here. And let's just admit it....the design is just precious and catchy! I love it!
"You must always know how long to stay; and when to go." -Patty Griffin
(This is one of, if not my favorite quote in all music.)

Happy Saturday friends. I am off to bed. I am excited to join a Single Adult Bible study tomorrow morning. It will be my first visit! Then off to Bandera, TX with Cory! Road trip! Then...Emmy time with my gals. A full and exciting day.

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