Friday, August 27, 2010

A Steaming, Heaping Pile.....

"Rory, you are a person of great heart and great character. And that combination will always win the day." -Richard
The composting is finally a success! A winning combination of dead leaves, plants, coffee grounds, fruits, vegetable, egg shells, compost starter, a little moisture, a big plastic storage bin, a drill (the BEST part), patience, daily mixing and lots of friendly advice has led to the infancy of beautiful, brown, earth-i-ness. I can't wait! I was so proud I called Ciara (my composting goddess) and she said, "You must be good at turning rotten stuff into good stuff!" My response was, "Let's hope both literally and figuratively!" I know most won't understand the simple joy of my compost bin but this week's success has brought me an inordinate amount of joy. During tough times, it really is the little things, isn't it?

Happy Friday, friends. Today was extraordinarily enlightening and filled with self reflection. As a result, I am exhausted and going to lay my head down and not think as I drift off into sleep to the sweet lull guessed it...Gilmore Girls. May you all have dreams as sweet as Star's Hollow.

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