Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating, Praying, Loving

"A good rule of thumb is you can never have too much ice." -Luke
With the overwhelming, in-your-face, popularity of Eat, Pray, Love I felt compelled to jump on the band wagon. Ciara had sent me the book ages ago and I figured I would read it prior to the movie premiere. To be completely honest, I only made it half-way through the "Italy" section before I was invited to the movie. However, I did have the opportunity to read Elizabeth Gilbert's account of her first pizza in Naples. Her description was exact and precisely as I had remembered it. Eating a Neopolitan pizza is almost a religious experience. When she says she "is having a relationship with" the pizza...I completely understood!
The closest I can get to the experience in San Antonio is Il Sogno. Chef Andrew Weissman comes exceedingly close to "the real thing." I encourage all of you to experience pizza as it was originally intended in one of San Antonio's finest restaurants!
I am signing off for now. The Emmy's Red Carpet show is on and I am having a very hard time typing and actively analyzing the outfits. So far...LOVING January Jones! Happy Sunday dear friends. This week will be a very busy one, thank goodness. I welcome the "busy-ness!"

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