Monday, March 21, 2011

Deep Eddy Tavern and Tom Waits

Years ago...I mean YEARS ago...probably 1998...Ciara and I were having a few beers at Deep Eddy Tavern.  I remember it was a balmy summer night, the air hung heavy...our hair falling victim to the humid summer thickness and our clothes slightly damp; sticking to us as we peeled ourselves off and on the red vinyl chairs.  
I walked up to the bar to order another beer.  What was I drinking those days?  Miller Light, no doubt.  The bartendress was terribly hip, hip, new hippy, hipster like.  You of the individuals proud to "Keep Austin Weird."  One of the regulars asked her, "Who would you wait in line for two days to watch perform a concert?"
Not a second flew by before she beamed, "Tom Waits."
I ordered my beer and shamefully slid back to the table...where Ciara had been invaded by a group of young men who told us they were in a band.  (I don't recall the name of the band....but they actually turned out to be a one hit wonder.  She and I laughed every time we heard their song on the radio.)
I didn't have time to ask her, "Who is Tom Waits?"  The boys had dominated the conversation.  They wanted to go salsa dancing.  We politely declined; a regret I have always had because one of them was so sweet and gentle and seemed genuinely interested in knowing me....if even just for one salsa dance.  My negative "zero" self image wouldn't allow it.
I never admitted I didn't know who Tom Waits was.  How could I, world traveler, college graduate, music snob not have encountered Tom Waits by 1998?
It would be years before I remembered to find Tom.  
Tonight I heard this song for the first time.  
Now I know why she would wait in line for two days.
I hope you are listening right now....
So, how are you feeling tonight?  Red?  White?  Or gin-soaked? -Jason Stiles
My new vintage bracelet!  Thanks, Mom!
Things are coming along nicely.  A corner has been turned.  I am going to be okay! 

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  1. Thank goodness you have a good memory! I totally forgot all about that night - too funny. The band was Tango.. Mango.. Fish.. Tango Fish Trap? No! I got it! Mingo Fishtrap!! -Ciara