Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

I am feeling extraordinarily defeated today.  How can a 10 lb mass of fur dominate me?  How am I allowing it?  I think I am doing the right things, and yet, I have taken a true beating today.  What is it about my character, my demeanor that is allowing this dog to believe she can dominate any and all situations?

From a behavioral standpoint I realize that any time change is introduced situations become worse; before they become better.  When Clarke was here last night, Mary was an entirely different dog.  He left and she unleashed on me.  She went on a 3-4 minute tirade and I was unable to make any headway despite the tools he gave me.  She did it again this morning.

The cats are setting her off...almost on purpose.  And when they are fighting and I try to diffuse the situation by bringing Mary's excitement level down she inevitably bites my leg in the process.

Today I have been bitten no less than 50 times.  I have had a migraine and the medication has made me very sleepy.  I desperately want to lay down....and then complete some homework; but I can't.  I can't get anything done.  It took me an hour to get out of this house and to the pharmacy (and that was without makeup and hair pulled back).

Maybe I am not cut out for this?  Mary is a high energy dog and I am a low energy person.

There...I feel better having just written it all down.  I just got bit five times; but I finally got the submissive response.  This is a terribly painful process...both literally and figuratively.  I feel like a horrible failure.

PS...This is probably why God does not want me to have children.

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