Monday, June 6, 2011

So far....

I arrived at Northwest Vista College over an hour early to orient myself to the campus (it has grown a LOT since my last period of enrollment) and get some of the housekeeping out of the way.

So far:

1) I parked on the other side of the campus!  This uncommonly uncharacteristic of me.  I have a very good handle on maps and a highly tuned inner compass.  Enjoyed the 15 minute walk in 100 degree weather.  Forced myself to look on the bright side....I strolled around the "Lago Vista" and enjoyed the sound of the various fountains.
2) Got my ID.  That was simple.  No stories, no complaints.
3) Registered for a parking decal.  Was asked if I was "Faculty or Student."  Ouch!  (I think.)  Judging from the looks of "the typical student" I will take that one as a compliment.  I won't go into descriptors; but this is a tough crowd...this younger generation.
4) Finally get to Pecan Hall and hear a lady screaming, as she comes down the stairs, "I BOMBED this class last semester."  As I turn the corner you wouldn't believe the textbook she it holding?  Yes, the one, the only $200 dollar Accounting book that is the text my class is using.
5) Professor walks in and says, "Is this French 244?"  I laugh....everyone else looks stone cold blank.
6) A kid walks in decked out in Nike from head to toe...the professor says, "Nike is paying you, right?"  He is funny!
7) He refers to computers as "confusers!"
8) I took a quiz and got a 5 out of 5.  Now all I need is to accumulate 995 more points to ace this sucker. Have I mentioned half the class is taking this a second time...should I be worried?
9) Professor brings up the 1929 Stock Market Crash.....the boy who likes to "shred" his guitar asks, "Was Enron around back then?"  He says, "No....and they aren't around now.  Neither is Arthur Andersen."  Again...blank stares.
10) Despite being the oldest at least a decade...I am the only one who brought a laptop.  The rest of them are just using their phones.  I am more of a relic than I thought.....

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