Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So....I am not going to pretend to be someone I am not.  I am not a wine person.  I don't know a thing about wine.  I know I am attracted to pink wines...because, well, they are pink.  However, I "came up" in the era where pink wines were definitely de classe; but a large bottle of pink St. Genevive always did the trick in college.  If, of course, the trick is blissful intoxication; rather than purposeful, respectful epicurean delight.  

When, and if, I am obligated to select a wine I find I am intrigued by the graphic quality of the label, the cleverness of the name, the do-able-ness of the price.  Rarely do I give any thought to what might be lurking "inside" the bottle and how that might delight (or offend) the senses of the recipient.

Never mind the fact that wine often brings on an immediate, blood throbbing head ache.  IF I want to enjoy I have to go on the defensive with either 4 Advil or a migraine medication and IF I am lucky I won't fall victim to the stabbing, nagging feeling in my head.  Most "learned" wine drinkers follow up with, "Well, you just aren't drinking the right types of wine; good, quality wines."  I don't doubt that my budget and lack of knowledge steer me towards head ache enacting wines.  And, I will be the first to admit that I never experienced a head ache in either France or Italy.  That solves it....I will just have to cross the pond when I have a hankering for a good glass of wine.  Sure, there might be something to this whole idea...I just don't know what it is or how to navigate around it.  

Having admitted to my poor, poor taste and understanding of the luxurious appeal and experience of wine I still enjoy knowing about it and sort of, live vicariously, through enthusiasts who I find are usually really rabid about their passion.

Brunellos Have More Fun is exactly the type of blog that allows me enjoy without having to imbibe.  (Although I sure would like to!)  Whitney, the creator of this particular blog, has brought a voice to wine that goes beyond just the experience of a sniff, a swirl, a sip, a nose, a bouquet, etc.  She invites the reader into the world of a wine lover.  She not only offers her knowledge of wine, she shares where "wine" has taken her and how it has shaped her life.  She also gives a peek into what a wine lover might wear, how an outfit can speak volumes about the wine that goes with it, what to serve with "sipper" and how you, too, might become equally as passionate as she is!

I met Whitney years ago.  She was my cousin's room mate in New York, well, Brooklyn to be exact.  I don't know that her love of wine had yet been birthed as they were both working on their respective theatrical careers at the time.  Years later they are both still together, in Los Angeles, and their lives have taken them down very different paths.  I have kept up with Whitney's endeavors (here and there) through Marisa; but I did not realize she had a blog.  If you live in the Los Angeles area and need a person who will tailor your wine curiosities specifically to you....call on this young lady.  

Cheers, Whitney.  Beautiful blog, beautiful work....

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