Friday, July 22, 2011

Mary Goes to Camp

Mom goes on vacation, Mary Gertrude goes to camp....SA Doggy Boot Camp, to be exact!

Clarke and Lucille Young are my new favorite people!  Not only does Clarke Young train your pet...he and his wife, Lucille will board your dog if they are under 30 lbs!  And guess what...your dog comes back a calmer, gentler version than when they left!  

Mary has been receiving in home training, but Clarke offers classes throughout San Antonio.  His method is simple and calm.  I have seen an enormous change in Mary and am so grateful to Clarke and Lucille for boarding her...twice now!  (Mary loves their dog Mico.  They play and play...they are similar in age.)  

I highly recommend Clarke Young!  Doggy manners are of critical importance.  Mary still needs a lot of work...and thanks to Clarke I have tools in my tool box for modifying behaviors.

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