Sunday, July 3, 2011


I once dated a guy who had a thought, repeated it over and over again, wrote it down a few times and would attribute it to himself with a "-Insert Name of Lunatic Here."  It wasn't a terribly profound thought....given his intelligence I felt he produced much more memorable "conversables."  Be that as it may....I thought it was very arrogant, pompous, and asinine to "quote" himself.  Who does that?  Nobody!  Really important people say really great things and SOMEONE ELSE attributes the line to them and then it goes down in history.

However...tonight...I will allow myself this ONE exception because it was so good.

Scene: South Alamo Street
Friend: I told her she needs to stop wearing leggings and oversized shirts.
Me: What she needs to do is stop being a Kardashian and start being a Kardashian!

Brilliant, I know!  Feel free to use it when necessary....but please, remember to attribute it to ME!

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