Sunday, July 24, 2011

What You do in Your Free Time is your Business?

While visiting Florida I attempted to study for my Accounting class and failed miserably!  I found EVERY excuse on the Internet to NOT study.  Mom walked in and told me I needed to study....flashback....and told me to stop wasting time on the Internet.  (I was busy pinning and pinning and pinning and checking out what Tracy Brattin Gerdes was pinning and pinning and pinning.)  Anyhow....I said something like, "Isn't what you waste your time doing what maybe you should be doing in real life?"  I mean...I don't necessarily know how to translate pinning and blogging and facebooking into a true profession that rewards with decent revenue (accounting word...Ta-Daaaaaa!) but if there were a Ph.D. in could call me "Doctor!"

Then, as if by divine intervention, I saw this "pinned!"  I couldn't have summed it up better myself.  In fact, I wasn't nearly this succinct...but I had the main idea.
So if there is any truth to this...I should make a profession out of wasting time, reading design magazines, thinking about cooking, baking and designing, reading, blogging, pinning, facebooking.....

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