Monday, October 22, 2012

hello misha, goodbye misha

Since being invited into the SA Blogger's forum I have met some incredible individuals!  Everyone has been so kind and exceedingly generous.  Last week three bloggers got together to offer the group free head shots.  I immediately jumped at the offer!  I mean...a chance to fancy up and be photographed...of COURSE I will participate!

Seeing as how I work during the week I was unable to make it to the shoot at Bakery Lorraine.  Thus, I chose the shoot during the weekend at Point Park and Eats.  Misha Hettie with hello misha was kind enough to meet me out there, despite the fact all the others canceled.  I was (very secretly) fine with that as I would have her services 100% to myself.

As Misha stepped out of her car, bright pink hair blowing in the wind, precious boy in tow, I was mesmerized!  What a glorious, radiant woman.  After the shoot, Misha and I had some time to visit while her son enjoyed play time and I dined on some seriously savory coconut shrimp tacos and green tea by Kitchen Fusionz.

Misha shared that she and her husband were moving to Orange County this week.  I just about cried....what a bummer I didn't have time to get to know Misha and her family better.  Those of you in the Orange County area are welcoming home an incredible photographer, hip mother and general kick ass human being.

Today Misha shared her photos.  This is, by far, my favorite!
Dearest Misha...I wish you nothing but the best!  It was a true pleasure spending 45 minutes with you and your sweet son.  I love the photos.  Happy packing!

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