Monday, October 1, 2012

Style Balls

My newest time waster is Polyvore!  As we all know, I tend to come to technologies somewhat "late."  I mean, I was woefully behind on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  I may not be the first kid on the block...but I EVENTUALLY come around to things.

Polyvore is no exception.  I don't really know how to describe it.  I have recently likened it to Fantasy in Fantasy Football.   On Polyvore one can choose from a vast array of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry and add them to a virtual closet (or you can upload some of you favorite items).  It's like going shopping and not spending a dime (or dealing with the crowds). if that isn't can create outfits, fashion story boards, etc. through the same site.  It is unbelievable!  

Check out my first attempt:
Elegant Professional: Take Your Daughters To Work Day

Elegant Professional: Take Your Daughters To Work Day by patty-vela featuring a wool dress

My inspiration?  Amanda Raba Gentis Photography!


Amanda is a local blogger and asked the SA Blogger community if anyone might be interested in creating a "What to Wear for a Photo Shoot" storyboard.  I read response after response citing this thing called "Polyvore."  Sheepishly not wanting to admit I had NO idea what they were referring to...but desperately wanting to join in on the fun...I "clicked" on over to Polyvore and started shopping away!  Now, I am HOOKED!  Look for more fashionable fun-ness in posts to come.  And check out other family session fashion storyboards here.  Thank you, Amanda!

Because everyone LOVES a little holiday cheer!
A few FABULOUS BLOGGERS have come together to bring you a great October Giveaway...
One lucky winner will win a 100 dollar gift card to Party City to grab those Halloween tricks and treats.

The Giveaway runs from September 18, 2012-October 13, 2012.

Open to the US only.

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