Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Fish Tale

My friends Rebecca, Jenni and I have an annual tradition of getting out of dodge during FIESTA weekend!  We each get Friday off for Battle of Flowers and we use that extra sweet opportunity to pack our beach gear and head south-ish....more south and east-ish.  

This year I was particularly craving a long escape to the water.  As I pulled out of my garage I promised myself I would not think about a) work, b) the kitchen ceiling disaster or c) the new termite family procreating behind  d) a new wall with moisture behind it.  What I allowed myself to consider was a) the excitement of the new car waiting for me upon my return, b) my first pole performance choreography (I must have listened to November Rain 100 times on the way down), c) Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Melton Doyle and d) Garden & Gun and Country Living.  And a boat ride...a sweet, sweet boat ride I gently (debatable) coerced and old friend into providing for me!
I would LOVE to take 100% credit for these two friends...I mean fish...sitting in front of me...and while Facebook allows me the forum to COMPLETELY fib...the truth is my friend, Chris caught these two fish (for me).  And then he did some other things to them that I won't get into...but in the end I was able to come home with black drum filets, vacuum sealed for freshness!  

I grew up in South Texas so fishing was a readily available activity which I learned to enjoy early on.  Well...let me back up...I enjoyed the boat ride more so than the act of fishing.  However, when Dad invited, I was eager to participate.  Plus I also learned early on fishing in the morning and frying at night was a pretty damn good way to spend the day!  ( mom allowed FRYING...outside the house.)

I ran into Chris at a wedding in November and 100% invited myself onto his boat on my next Port A trip.  He was incredibly accommodating and willing to entertain us during our weekend of respite and reward!  Chris is one of these expert angler, hunter, commune with nature people...and like knows where the wind is coming from by feeling one breeze and identifying tracks in the soil and knows how to shoot arrows with some crazy strong bow which requires the upper body strength of The Rock.  You of those highly attuned individuals...who ULTIMATELY respects nature and works to conserve it.  I don't have to meet works.  He's not the type of hunter/fisher I am mad at (bleeding heart liberal) rather the type I am awed by. 

Anyhow...we go out fishing.  The boat ride was DI.VINE!  The oxymoronic fragrance mixture of fuel and salt water excited my senses and I was ready to let my hair FLY!  So...drop anchor...ankle deep water.  "We are sight casting," he proclaims.  Here's whats going on in my little head..."Is that 'site' like a website, or 'cite' as in 'cite your references' or is that 'sight' as in looking."  Really, Patty?  How could the first two be possible.  I just shut my mouth and smiled.'s the deal.  You look at the shallow water shadows...and cast straight to the shadow and catch a fish.  Yeah!  Just like that. 

So this was a new experience for me.  BUT...what I will say is that was the MOST enjoyable method of attempting to fish (he did it all) I have ever participated in because I was sort of like "one with it."  Not a boat...lording over the sea...wondering if there is anything out there.

This was "sport."  And it was fun!  Except when he says, "Stay quiet (yeah, right...has he met me?), shuffle your feet so you won't upset a sting ray (uhm....Steve Irwin?) and out for the jelly fish." must be noted, though, Chris was at a HUGE advantage because he has superhero sunglasses.  I just have regular people sunglasses.  Perhaps my next investment?

Lorelai: Hello sailor, bait your hoooooook for you?
Luke: You look ridiculous.
Lorelai: I look adorable! No one ever told me that if you fish, you get to buy an outfit. I'll do just about anything if I can buy an outfit!

Stayed tuned for Part II where I share my recipe for black drum.  (Plus that gives me an opportunity to do some food styling and photography!  Woo hoo Misha Hettie and Amanda Raba Gentis!  So inspired!)

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