Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Salmon with Mint Mustard Sauce

The ladies over at Mayhar Design consistently deliver taste with impeccable grace and pristine attention to detail.  If you have EVER or will EVER create an event of any kind....know them!  Know their blog!  

I am lucky enough to live in the same city as this family team which includes Ashleigh, Melanie and Tori.  Because of my proximity to these ladies I was able to attend their first workshop in a series of workshops called Styled: A Design Workshop Series.

The first workshop focused on designing a perfect party/shower.  Melanie drew her inspiration for the entire event from two and mustard.  (All I could think of was the infamous scene from Something to Talk About where Julia Roberts' character is visiting her aunt and explaining how her husband has been running around on her all over town with all her friends.  Her aunt suggests she make him dinner...Salmon with Mint Mustard Sauce...with a dash a of a violent vomit inducing ingredient.) 

So as I giggled in my head and sipped on my limeade mimosa...I sat back and soaked in the beauty of the workshop!  Here are some of my images....

The event was sponsored and presented by the following:

Aunt: Make him something special he won't forget, ever.  Here.  Make him that.
Julia Roberts:  Poached salmon with mint mustard sauce....
Aunt:  Olive oil, honey, teaspoon....
Julia Roberts:  My God, but this is....
Aunt:  No, it's not lethal in that small dose.
-From Something to Talk About

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